I have a music studio (bedroom studio) that I have been working with for many years now

I can provide composing, recording, mixing, and mastering

Music is a strong part of my life, I have been playing/studying piano since age of 5-and viola since 12. I have taken a strong interest in recording, electronic music, and production.

My studio has been sound treated with custom built Bass traps, absorbers and care was taken with monitor and furniture placement.

A lame picture I just took with my phone camera

Equipment list:

  • Event Active Studio Precision 8 nearfield monitors
  • Apogee Rosetta 200 2/2 DAC/ADC
  • Grado Sr225i headphones
  • Maudio Delta 1010 8/8 DAC/ADC
  • Custom build computer with Intel i7 3930K 6 core CPU, and SSD
  • Earthworks, tc20 matched pair omnidirectional microphones
  • FMR RNP "Really Nice Preamp"
  • Nakamichi 390W Receiver/amplifier
  • 10" Subwoofer
  • Alternatate monitors, and headphones
  • M-audio Keystation 88es
  • Charles M Stieff restored 1920's Parlor grand piano (real ivory/ebony)
  • Viola
  • Custom build stepped attenuator monitor control
  • Custom build ribbon microphone
  • ...

Software List

  • Windows 7, Windows xp, Linux
  • Cubase 6
  • FL Studio
  • Reason
  • GoldWave
  • All Waves plugins
  • Voxengo Plugins
  • Antares plugins (autotune)
  • Flux (Epure)
  • Oxford Plugins
  • Altiverb
  • FXpansion
  • Korg Legacy collection
  • Native Instruments (Absynth, Massive, etc)
  • Sylenth
  • Many others....